Goldwater Scholar Community

Being a Goldwater Scholar means more than just receiving a scholarship. The Goldwater Scholar Community, or GSC, is a network of Scholars helping Scholars. In 2018, the GSC grew organically around a group of Scholars who envisioned the potential of such a community as a platform for mentorship connections, professional development, and opportunities to meet like-minded peers. Today, the GSC has grown to encompass over 1,800 scholars from 1989 to present. The mission of the GSC is (1) to foster connections among Scholars at all stages, (2) to grow the sense of community among Scholars, and (3) to promote diversity and inclusion in the scholarship applicant pool. The GSC Council runs multiple initiatives to fulfill this mission. These include:

  • Mentorship program and Scholar Directory connecting Scholars throughout the Goldwater Scholar Community
  • Goldwater Ambassadors, which supports diversity and inclusion amongst prospective applicants
  • Webinar series for professional and career development,
  • Regular virtual and in-person social events and social media highlights of Goldwater Scholars
  • An annual Goldwater Symposium featuring a keynote speaker, interactive workshops, and research presentations by Goldwater Scholars.


Are you looking to ask the Goldwater Community a question? Reach out to us with this contact form, and we can help address anything you might be curious about!