Goldwater Ambassadors

Are you interested in a research-intensive STEM career? Looking for some guidance on career options, applying for prestigious awards such as the Goldwater scholarship, and more? Join the Goldwater Ambassadors program!

The Goldwater Ambassadors program provides STEM mentorship and resources to undergraduate STEM students, especially those who are from schools or demographics underrepresented among Goldwater Scholars. The program aims to bridge the gap that exists between students at schools whose students earn scholarships like the Goldwater and have historically sent graduates to elite STEM PhD programs and the many schools full of talented young scientists who may not have access to the same institutional knowledge and resources.

Applicants should be undergraduates who are in their first, second, or third year of college and meet any of the following criteria: member of an under-represented group in STEM, attend an institution with limited access to research or a community college, have experienced economic hardship, disabled, face a geographic barrier to education/research, or any other circumstance which has limited your ability to conduct STEM research.

Please fill out the form below to be considered, and if chosen, you will be matched with a Goldwater scholar who will provide you with STEM mentorship that meets your specific needs.

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis:

Goldwater Ambassadors is an initiative of the Goldwater Scholar Council’s Diversity and Inclusion Committee, which aims to support underrepresented and underserved students, especially those from Community Colleges and Minority Serving Institutions, to pursue STEM research careers.